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January 19,2021

I'm a mom of two teenagers and I hate to admit it but I HATE getting my picture taken. But I LOVE having family portraits to reminisce over. Our pictures send a wave of memories over me. It is so hard to wrap my head around how quickly kids grow up. Seriously wasn't it just yesterday my kids were playing soccer or the first day of my daughter's dance class? Those things were years years ago, but in my mind that was so recent. I treasure the pictures I have taken of them over the years. And Yes I treasure the family pictures that we have that I'm in as well. Even though when we were taking/planning those portraits I was dreading it. I am my worse critic and always think oh I need to loose more weight before I take pictures etc. But I just need to get over my own self-confidence issues and just take the plunge each year for family pictures. Well sometimes more than once a year now, these kids are continuing to change at such a rapid pace.

I am one of those lucky ones who had braces in my 30s, ughhhh that wasn't any fun at all, but I had them for over 2 years. I didn't want to go over 2 years without family portraits. The kids would've changed so much in that time frame. I was finally convinced to take family portraits even though I had a mouth full of medal. And you know what we got some really good pictures and created some great memories. I'm so glad that I finally agreed to have family pictures taken even if I didn't like the way I looked.

As a parent we love to have pictures taken of our kids so that we can remember exactly those silly facial expressions when they were little and treasure those little fingers/toes. As they get older pictures document so much for us and help us remember what it was like when they were that age. I think the same is true for the kids to have pictures of their parents to treasure. These pictures that they kids can look back on and remember those wonderful childhood memories of how Dad would always get that certain expression out of Mom.

I have a terrible habit of when we go on vacation of being the one who is always behind the camera instead of infront of the camera. If I'm not careful afterwards by judging by our vacation pictures - it will look like I wasn't even there. I am trying to be better about this and hand over my camera to one of my teenagers to take some pictures of me to document that I was actually there.

Let's be honest here for a minute, Moms even if we don't like the way we look today we look beautiful in our children's eyes. They see us everyday and they know exactly what we look like. They see the good, bad and the ugly. They know what we look like at our worse. So why not actually dress up and look our best to capture our beauty for them to treasure over for years to come?

I know the day to day tasks can be overwhelming and tough and sometimes we don't get the appreciation we deserve. I hold on to the promise when my kids get older they will really realize how much I have done for them and truly realize the sacrifices that I made for them. These portraits should be something for them to treasure and look back on and help them remember all of the things you did for them at that age. I'm sure they won't be focusing on how much you weighted back then but instead focus on your loving smile and warm heart.

I highly recommend hiring a photographer who can help realize how important it is for you to be in family portraits no matter what you are insecure about. Your photographer should help build you up and put your mind at ease by helping pick out the perfect outfit/location and all of the details.

If you are looking for a photographer in the Fuquay Varina, NC Area I would love to serve you in capturing family memories for you and your family to treasure for a lifetime.

Family Photographer Mom Fuquay Varina NC

Family Photographer Mom Fuquay Varina NC

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